Breaking News: Xspand Products Lab Announces Development of New Line of Interactive Light-Up Consumer Products

Xspand Products Lab, Inc. (NASDAQ: XSPL), a full-service product development company, today announced that is has begun development of a new line of interactive light-up consumer products for theme park and entertainment venue markets.

The line of interactive light-up consumer products will include wands, swords, necklaces, headwear and other role-play items. Consumer A can purchase a wand and choose blue and then “throw” that color to Consumer B wearing a necklace. Additionally, each item will have the ability to “read” colors, as color readers embedded in each item will allow the consumer to place it against a surface and replicate that color. As a role play item and an entertainment venue item, this technology offers endless possibilities for interactive play patterns.

“Theme parks are always looking for new ways to enhance the customer experience and create an interactive, immersive environment for their patrons,” said Chris Ferguson, Chief Executive Officer of Xspand Products Lab. “With our new line of interactive light-up consumer products, theme park patrons will be able to interact with each other like never before, allowing any entertainment venue or gathering to become a vibrant and imaginative parade of color.

“The light up category has been a rewarding category for Xspand. Our patented light chaser that we launched more than twenty years ago has been and continues to be one of the company’s most successful items. We are truly excited to bring this magical experience to our theme park and entertainment venue partners worldwide,” concluded Ferguson.


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