Breaking News: Xspand Products Lab Announces Exclusive Manufacturing Agreement with Brand for Leading Childrens Sleep Products

Xspand Products Lab, Inc. (NASDAQ: XSPL), a full-service product development company, today announced that is has signed an exclusive, two-year manufacturing agreement with a leading children’s sleep products brand with sales in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

The client, which sells a wide variety of award-winning products, is aimed at helping both young children and their parents sleep better at night. As part of the agreement, Xspand will work with the client to exclusively manufacture its existing products and assist in the development of new product lines.

“This agreement with a leading childrens sleep product brand stands as a testament to the inherent value that the market places in our proprietary product development platform,” said Chris Ferguson, CEO of Xspand Products Lab. “We look forward to leveraging our team’s product development expertise to not only manufacture this client’s existing products, but develop exciting new product lines as well, with a particular focus on lucrative direct to consumer opportunities. Agreements such as this are instrumental to our go-forward growth strategy. I look forward to providing further updates.”


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