Brexit and the Single Market

Labour MPs in the pro-European camp are frustrated with Jeremy Corbyn. The latter informed the Labour Party members that the United Kingdom could not stay within single market post-Brexit. It is clear that the party itself is avoiding the subject of Brexit itself. The last action was taken by Keir Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary in August 2017. He said that he will want the UK to remain inside single market during the time restricted transition period. He did a thorough analysis of the process.

Leave and betrayal

John Mills, a Labour donor, reacted through Social Media. He described the position taken by Starmer was not compatible with the manifesto published by the party. He pointed out that it will betray about four million Labour voters who opted for Leave in the referendum. Oliver Norgrove, a person who earlier voted Leave, brought in a different perspective. He said that the party goes for things which can be achieved in EEA. He pointed out that there is nary a word about exiting the single market.

Those who voted Leave after the fractious Brexit campaign reputedly did so after reading a lot of advertisements which stated that exiting the European Union will save the country about 350 million pounds per week. The Brexit champions also pledged secure borders, immigration controls, freedom to enter and exit trade deals, and making “own” laws. All politicians opting for Leave said that since the geography of Britain is not changing, the UK will still be a part of the EU trade zone. Daniel Hannan, one of the Tory MEPs who voted Leave, said that nobody talks about threatening UK's place in the single market. The now-foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, declared just after Leave won that the UK will continue to enjoy access to the single market.

Exit and remain

There are some like Leave/EU who wants to leave the EU single market as soon as possible. The list of MPs in this category include the vocal proponents like Arron Banks and Nigel Farage. They spoke about “Norway” option and EEA. The campaign stresses on immigration and the strict control of borders. Farage has long argued that immigration has led to lower wages. The Remain campaign, in contrast, makes its case on the undeniable economic benefits which comes with remaining within EU. This includes trade freedom and the benefit of much lower prices.

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