Brexit Farage Lauds Trump for his Contribution to Global Politics

The British politician who championed Britain’s exit from the European Union or Brexit, Nigel Farage, enjoyed a lot of adulation from American conservative activists. The latter has campaigned with the then Republican candidate during the presidential election. The Briton said that the United Kingdom voters chose to leave for their keen sense of nationalism and sovereignty. He said that the same populist vision has elected Donald J. Trump to power in the White House.

CPAC speech

President Donald Trump and Farage belong to the same tunnel of thought, with the Brexit champion fervently hoping for likewise political revolution in America made possible by the election win of President Trump. The British citizen, during his speech at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) said that when he visits the United States after Trump got elected to power, he felt more and more American. Farage continued to say that after many years, these events will become history and when it does, 2016 will occupy a prominent spot. The reason for this, he said, is that the year saw the start of a worldwide political revolution and this revolution will continue to move forward.

Farage made a number of predictions at CPAC. The audience sitting with the audience located outside of Washington heard that the elections to be held in Netherlands, Germany and France, possibly along with Italy will see the populist movements gaining power. There is a distinct possibility these parties may be elected to power. According to Farage, the change in the political spectrum will lead to the European Union being splintered back into its component countries. He said that these movements will spread all over the West.

Trump, EU and bilateral deals

All these talks are fine with Trump. The US President is a known skeptic of the EU. Stephen Bannon, his political adviser, has given himself the name of “economic nationalist”. Bannon is regarded as the intellectual power behind the views expressed by the president. Trump recently, however, supported the European Union. In his speech given to the CPAC, Farage credited Trump for fulfilling other components of campaign promises, like withdrawal from Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP trade agreement.

Trump is keen to sign bilateral deals. He wants one with the United Kingdom as well. The US President will start the process once the British Government under Prime Minister Theresa completes Brexit process. Farage said that Britons should administer Britain, and make deals of their own with the world.

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