Brexit Talks may miss Deadlines

The exit of Britain from the European Union has not been without its share of ups and downs with many opposing the move and many supporting. However, finally, some clarity seemed to be coming in on this complex matter with the efforts on, full force, from the British side to shape the final agreement by autumn. The recent comments by the Slovenian Prime Minister seem to suggest that this may not happen though.

The two sides have great differences

According to Mr. Miro Cerar, the Slovenian PM, the two parties to the talk are too far apart on many key issues. He believes that these gaps are too wide to be bridged before the autumn deadline that Britain has set for itself and announced publicly. In particular, Cerar feels that the key issues of financial settlement, citizens’ rights, and the Irish border will not be resolved before this time. He has categorically stated that the British government’s efforts to initiate discussion this autumn about the trade agreement going forward after the Brexit will not be successful. He believes that the pace of negotiations is too slow to make this a possibility.

Unrealistic expectations of Britishers to blame

Cerar lays the blame for this possibility firmly at the doorstep of the Britishers, saying that their expectations are rather unrealistic. He has said that it is very likely that more time will be needed that was projected at the beginning of the talks because there is a host of issues to be reviewed here. He is, so far, the first of the leaders to admit that the talks may not come to conclusion in autumn although Downing Street already appears to be well aware of this fact. In particular, Cerar has termed as 'naive' the UK's proposals about a future customs arrangement.

Cerar is one of the 27 prime ministers who has been entrusted the responsibility of finalizing the Brexit decision, and it is proposed that the European Council, of which he is a part, will, in October, decide if the key issues in this issue have been resolved. Brussels has made it clear that it is not at all happy with the lack of any firm commitment of what Britain will give in exchange for the Brexit. This is a big issue for them and it indicates why they may be unwilling to support the proposal, making it clear that Cerar's doubts are not unfounded.

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