Brexit will Change Little in Data Protection Laws

The British government has indicated that the nation's data protection laws will continue to stay in line with the European Union's even after Brexit takes place. Given that the Brexit has been clouded over by a lot of confusion about the details of the formal exit, this clarity comes as a heartening change.

Formal announcement to be released

It is believed that a formal announcement will be forthcoming soon via the working paper. This paper will be released by the Department for Exiting the European Union. In this document, it is expected that the processes to facilitate movement of personal data between the EU and Britain will be clearly outlined. The focus is to allow this to happen in a regulated manner.

Priority is on maintaining continuity

As per experts on the matter, the policy makers are prioritizing the goal of making sure that continuity is maintained at all costs in data transfer and protection. This means that there may be very little that is changed in the existing processes and protocols. Officials have indicated that any changes will be done with the objective of ensuring that Britain can work with the European Union even more closely than at present.

Regulatory cooperation will be key to success

Businesses in Britain feel that the country already has an adequate level of integration with EU processes and this will help sustain the processes post-Brexit too. However, if a deep level of cooperation at regulatory level with EU also is in place, this will help immensely. It is clear that Britain is well aware of the critical nature of data flows in sustaining trade and business relationships between any two economic entities.

Flexibility and security will be given top priority

Matt Hancock, British Minister, has reiterated that UK has worked closely with the rest of the EU nations to set up the data protection regulations that are in place across the Union now. He went on to say that the paper to be published will outline what Britain feels should happen with the data relationship that will come into place after Brexit. He has underlined the need to give due attention to flexibility while ensuring that privacy and security are not compromised at any cost. Speaking for the EU, officials have indicated that a clear distinction between short-term and long-term policies, in the paper, will be appreciated.

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