BURGER KING McLAMORE? Foundation Awards $3.7 Million in Scholarships to 3,400 Students

The BURGER KING McLAMORE? Foundation (BKMF), the
philanthropic arm of the BURGER KING® brand, today announced
they awarded $3,700,000 in scholarships through the BURGER KING?
Scholars program to 3,400 deserving high school seniors and BURGER KING®
brand employees across North America.

“This is our way of empowering students, our future leaders, and feeding
their potential to create a brighter future for all,” said Jim Myers,
BKMF President and BURGER KING® Brand Head of Franchising and Business
Development, North America. “These students are bold and empowered to
take their future in their own hands, and we’re proud to be a part of

In total, with support of local BURGER KING® owners across
the U.S., the BURGER KING MCLAMORE? Foundation has awarded more than $35
million in scholarships over the last decade to more than 33,000
students. Scholars are selected based on their grade point average
(GPA), community service and leadership experience.

“We believe that without education, you limit your potential to be your
way. The BURGER KING? Scholars program is our way of helping advance
education and alleviating the burden of student debt,” said Amanda
Israel, BKMF executive director. “These students represent top talent
across the nation who are working towards creating a brighter future for

The BURGER KING? Scholars program is the BURGER KING McLAMORE?
Foundation’s flagship program, established to honor the legacy of the
BURGER KING® brand’s co-founder James W. McLamore, whose commitment to
philanthropy and education made him a pillar of community service
throughout his lifetime. The BURGER KING® brand is owned by Restaurant
Brands International Inc., (TSX, NYSE: QSR) one of the world’s largest
quick service restaurant companies.

For more information on the program, including the 2019 scholarship
application details, visit www.bkmclamore.org.


The BURGER KING McLAMORE? Foundation is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) public
nonprofit that believes without education you limit your potential to be
your own way. Inspired by BURGER KING® Restaurants co-founder, Jim
McLamore, its mission is to create brighter futures by empowering
individuals and feeding potential through education and emergency
relief. As a global Foundation, the BURGER KING McLAMORE? Foundation
partners with select nonprofits focusing on scholarships, literacy, and
creating sustainable learning environments. To learn more, visit


Founded in 1954, the BURGER KING® brand is the second largest fast food
hamburger chain in the world. The original HOME OF THEWHOPPER®, the
BURGER KING® system operates more than 16,000 locations in more than 100
countries and U.S. territories. Almost 100 percent of BURGER KING®
restaurants are owned and operated by independent franchisees, many of
them family-owned operations that have been in business for decades. To
learn more about the BURGER KING® brand, please visit the BURGER KING®
brand website at www.bk.com
or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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