Burger King to release a new Chicken Sandwich

Fast-food chain restaurant Burger King, will soon revamp its Tendercrisp chicken sandwich with a new fried-chicken sandwich due to social media users calling out the item “disgusting”.

“To be perfectly honest, over time people lost interest in our current chicken sandwich,” said president of Burger King North America, Alex Macedo to news source CNBC. The hate towards the sandwich on social media encouraged the burger chain to create a new recipe, and thus, created the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The new sandwich is somewhat smaller, with a reformulated marinade and cooking process that makes it crispier and juicier. The seasoned chicken breast is topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo and served on a potato bun.

“You can’t take yourself too seriously to admit that your current product is below standard,” Macedo said.

To uphold the new menu item, Burger King will be emancipating numerous ads that will feature blindfolded social media personals to test the new sandwich. Macedo said that “their reaction to the new sandwich was positive. It’s no surprise that Burger King is doubling-down on chicken. Chicken fries have continued to drive sales for the company since they were revitalized in 2014 and chicken sandwiches are a growing category in the restaurant industry.”

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