Bush concerned Trump is Destroying the GOP

It’s quite evident that President Donald Trump isn’t a favorite of the members of the Bush family. In fact, former president Mr. George Bush has termed him as a “blowhard”, someone who loves boosting his ego at every possible opportunity. His son, George W. Bush, also once the president of United States, believes that Trump has absolutely no understanding of his job at the office.

What are the Bush men worried about?

Both the Bush men have a common worry. They are concerned about Trump blowing up the Republican Party, which invested two lifetimes in building a team that was dedicated to eliminating immigration and trade boundaries, promoting civil society and democracy and a dynamic global leadership role for America.

Mark K. Updegrove’s “The Last Republicans”, talks about an era which feels rather outdated in the current day’s politics. This was an era when the Republicans had control of the party and when just one family could take over the roles of both president and vice-president for 20 years.

According to Updegrove, Trump did not get the vote of any of the two former Republican presidents. While senior Bush cast his vote in favor of Hillary Clinton, the son was comfortable with the option of “none of the above”. In fact, there was a time during the presidential campaign when junior Bush made a significant confession to Updegrove; he said that he was worried that he would probably be the final Republican president.

White House fires back at Trump haters

The White House, on the other hand, was ready with its own argument against the stand of the Bush presidents. The officials claim that the voters of the nation wanted an outsider to come in and modify a redundant system that had always been dominated by politicians with special interests.

According to the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, if the voters wanted the unending and costly mistakes to continue, they would have sworn in an alternative establishment politician, someone who was more interested in prioritizing politics over the general public.

When Trump made his initial entry into the race, Bush thought that he would fail to last. He was quite taken aback by the entrepreneur’s triumph at getting the nomination. While Trump announced that he was his own advisor, Bush believed that he had zero understanding of the presidency.

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