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CalCCA Weighs in on CPUC Green Book En Banc

CalCCA experts testified at today’s CPUC public hearing on the
Commission’s draft customer choice white paper, a report that raises
false alarms and undermines advancements made to diversify and improve
our energy system.

According to CalCCA, the CPUC’s draft paper, California Customer Choice:
An Evaluation of Regulatory Framework Options for an Evolving
Electricity Market (a.k.a. “Green Book”), and the Commission’s
accompanying media promotion is full of dire claims about an impending
energy crisis and vague recommendations that aren’t backed up by data or

“The draft ‘Green Book’ is a report in search of a problem,” said CalCCA
Executive Director Beth Vaughan. “It is more about protecting and
expanding the CPUC’s role than solving any issues with the state’s
energy market.”

“CCAs are an integral part of the California Legislature’s plan to
prevent a major breakdown in our energy market and meet the state’s
climate change goals,” said Kate Sears, Marin County Supervisor and a
member of the Marin Clean Energy Board of Directors. “Governed by robust
legislation and regulatory requirements, CCAs are performing as intended
– providing reliable, affordable and clean energy to local customers and
delivering innovative programs that address both local needs and state

“With nearly 20 CCAs serving over four million consumers, the concept of
customer choice in electricity providers has been embraced in
communities across California,” said Vaughan. “CCAs were created to make
energy markets less risky and protect ratepayers. They are serving
consumers as intended, all while offering innovative new programs.”

About CalCCA: California Community Choice Association supports
the development and long-term sustainability of locally-run Community
Choice Aggregation (CCA) electricity providers in California. CalCCA is
the authoritative, unified voice of local CCAs, offering expertise on
local energy issues while promoting fair competition, consumer choice
and cost allocation and recognizing the social and economic benefits of
localized energy authorities.

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