California Conservatives Migrating to Texas

A huge number of Californians are migrating to Texas. Analysts estimate that about 20 million conservative Californians will move to Texas by 2050. The company, Conservative Move, is helping such people to make it happen. The company has even coined a slogan, with the tag line “Helping families move Right”.

The reason for the move

Conservative Move was founded by Paul Chabot. The 42-year-old established the company after he himself moved from California's San Bernadino to Texas' McKinney. Chabot himself is a Republican. He describes California to be under the grip of a far left ideology, blaming the people who he terms as the liberal elites living in the western coast of the state. He said that these people control California through fundraising, politics, and policies. The Republican pointed out that the inland portion of California state, like Central Valley and Inland Empire, continues to be populated by poor people who are forgotten. These people are impoverished and left behind.

Conservative Move was started in May. About 2,000 families have applied to leave via the company. Chabot admits that he is making easy money as Republican-leaning voters are desperate to leave for states where they could be with their own kind. He blames liberals for what he claims the destruction of the region's infrastructure.

The Texas boom

Migrating conservatives are helped by the fact that the Texas job markets and the local economies are booming. When compared to California, housing in Texas is affordable. When asked further, Chabot admitted that he earns by collecting commissions from buying homes and then selling them. His stated aim is to create a chain of communities, mostly in North Texas. The latter region is a GOP stronghold. When questioned on the downsides of his actions, like encouraging people to herd together on the basis of ideology, and avoiding any neighbor with differing points of view, Chabot puts forward the defense that people are more comfortable and mentally connects with others who hold similar views as them.

Texas Republicans are in full agreement with such actions. One of them, George Fuller, the McKinsey mayor and real estate developer by profession, is making a good amount of money when conservatives from other states move to his town. He is all set to construct a multi-purpose project spread over 46 acres. He is wary of clubbing like-minded people together and wants to make residents of different political ideologies co-exist with one another.

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