California Firearm Sales Experience a near 50% increase in response to new Gun Laws

California Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a series of gun laws that increase restrictions on the obtainment of guns and ammunition. Starting January 1st, a series of 6 laws will be implemented in California that require background checks when purchasing ammunition, high capacity magazine confiscation, and assault weapon registration, among other things.

The new gun control laws, intended to reduce the number of guns on the street, ended up dramatically increasing the number of guns purchased instead. Last year, only a bit over 150,000 rifles were reported purchased to the state, however, since the signings of the law in July, over 250,000 rifles have been purchased. This increase in gun purchasing of over 40% in just a few months shows growing discontent within the Californian citizenship over policies that have been targeting law abiding citizens.

Currently, California’s gun control laws are the strictest in the nation, with these new laws only furthering restrictions. The surge of semi-automatic rifle purchases stems mostly from citizens who want to protest or are against these growing restrictions. However, interestingly enough, states with the strictest gun control policies have the highest rates of gun related crime, which calls into question the usefulness of these new policies. Some gun shops have reported increases in business of over 200%. Gun stocks have also been on the rise lately as a result of the influx of gun purchases. In addition, firearms companies that have been developing attachments as loopholes to avoid assault weapon registration show promising futures.

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