California Governor Jerry Brown Endorses Hilary Clinton for Democratic Nomination

With the race for the Democratic nomination heating up, the Californian governor has thrown his hat in the ring and endorsed Hillary Clinton as his nominee for the Presidential elections next year. He did it because the writing on the wall is clear. In all probability, Hillary Clinton is going to win California.

Gov. Brown is also aware of the trends. That is why he was forced to get off the fence and (he was probably hoping Bernie Sanders would win) and break his silence and endorse Mrs. Clinton. The support couldn’t have come at a better time.

Gov. Brown says endorsing Clinton is the only way to stop Donald Trump’s juggernaut

Donald Trump has already snatched the Republican nomination while Clinton and Sanders are fighting it out. Sanders has vowed that irrespective of the count in California (the number of delegates he wins or loses), he is going to take the fight all the way to the final nomination in July.

This can’t be too good for the Democratic party because it shows there is still a lot of resistance to Ms. Clinton as the Democratic party nominee. The only person to benefit from this confusion in the Democratic ranks is Donald Trump. That is why Gov. Jerry Brown’s support is so essential to Ms. Clinton.

The governor’s support also means he has put the past behind him. He had once pitted himself against Bill Clinton in 1992, just the way Bernie Sanders has pitted himself against Ms. Clinton today. Brown did not win that contest and as expected, he may have been bitter about the experience. But by refusing to let that incident influence his choice, he has shown that he is a man of character. Or is it, just a question of exigency (choosing the best candidate to defeat Trump)?

There are indications that Brown was leaning towards Sanders

It is quite clear that Gov. Brown favors Sanders or he would not have delayed his decision for this long. Didn’t he say earlier, he was ‘deeply impressed’ by what Sanders had achieved in the primary till now and that he admired him for bringing attention to the growing divide between the rich and the poor in the US?

So he seemed almost apologetic when he endorsed Ms. Clinton. He pointed to the fact that more than 3 million voters had favored Ms. Clinton over Sanders and that she had hundreds of delegates more than Sanders. The final nail in the coffin was when he said Clinton needed just 10% of the remaining delegates to win the primary.

Gov. Brown is well regarded in California and you can be sure, his endorsement carries a lot of weight there. His endorsement also reflects a wider trend in the Democratic party that wants Clinton to win the primary.

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