California only state to vote overwhelmingly for Clinton

Contrary to whatever Democrats say, Hillary Clinton had no advantage on the presidential polls. At first, Clinton seems perfectly in the lead over Trump: she received 48 percent share of the total vote compared to Trump’s 46 percent. When it comes to numbers, the Democrat has won more than 2.8 million votes over Trump.

Election Statistics

California State is the proof that the Electoral College actually works. The system was designed in such a manner that regional candidates will not be able to dominate the national elections and thus steer national policy. The state has, in recent years, turned into a state where only one party-the Democrats- dominates the political spectrum.

The numbers prove Democrat dominance in California. Registered Democrat count went up by about 1.1 million during the 2008 to 2016 years period. On the other hand, the registered Republican count went down by nearly 400,000. For the GOP supporters, the situation is so bad that there are practically no Republicans to vote for during the November electoral battle. There were no Republicans-but two Democrats- in the running to take the place of Senator Barbara Boxer. No GOP candidates were also seen on the House seats ballot in nine of the congressional districts of California. When it came to state level Republicans were absent in six districts. State assembly seats in 16 districts has zero Republicans.

Trump wins everywhere except California

However, when one looks closely, the margin enjoyed by Clinton disappears. It becomes clear that the Democrat won overwhelmingly only from one state- California. She received a stunning 4.3 million votes than what Trump got in the state. If one crunches the numbers, it is apparent that the margin of victory posted by Clinton was more than what was won by President Obama about four years before in 2012. The present President of the United States won 60 percent of the popular vote. Clinton trumped him in 2016 by garnering 61.5 percent from the state’s voting population.

There were good reasons for the GOP surrendering the seats. They knew Clinton will handsomely win the state, and the state’s complete 55 electoral votes. In such a hostile environment, casting any ballot supporting Trump makes no sense. Clinton will-and has- enjoyed all the 55 votes, thus making meaningless any margin of victory over the Republican candidate. Donald Trump, in numbers, received 11 percent less of the California voters’ confidence compared to what John McCain got in 2008. However, if you subtract California out of the national election, then Trump trounced Clinton by 1.4 million votes.

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