California Passed New Bill, New Goal To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Last week California passed a very ambitious bill to reduce carbon emissions, continuing to lead the way fighting climate change by focusing on clean renewable energy. The bill and debate that took place in the state was overshowed in the news by the presidential election.

California is already a leader on the issue of climate change in the Unites States. It is the number one state in solar power and third state in wind power. The previous legislature from the state pushes California to reduce greenhouse gas emissions back to the levels of 90s by 2020. The new bill, which is called SB 32, takes this much further. The goal now is to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030.

The surrounding the bill was about the Cap and Trade policy included in it, and the potential loss of certain jobs. The bill was introduced last year, and California law makers voted against it, explaining their concerns regarding how the cap-and-trade revenue will spent. The California Air Resource Board (ARB) is responsible for making the SB32 bill work, but how the programs described in the bill will be implemented by the ARB was also a concern.  

Assembly member James Gallagher said in a statement, “Everyone agrees we want to reduce carbon emissions, but the way we have done it has led to the loss of good paying jobs.”

To try and reduce concerns, another bill was tied to the SB32, the AB197 bill, which allows for a legislative oversight of the ARB. In other words, the legislative committee will be able to monitor on how the programs described in the SB32 bill are implemented.


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