Call for Rebellion Against President Maduro Intensifies

The Venezuelan political crisis does not seem to be nearing an end anytime soon and if recent developments are factored in, it appears to be worsening drastically. The most recent update from the strife torn region is that a group of uniformed rebels has released a video urging their Venezuelan countrymen to strongly oppose President Maduro's actions.

Military uniforms give rise to speculation

The fact that these rebels who appeared in the video were all wearing what appeared to be military uniforms has given rise to much confusion and speculation about the state of affairs. The men in the video were heavily armed and decked out in full camouflage outfits. They called for a revolt against the current President who has sparked an outrage in the country after he made a move to establish full control over the country via the assembly. The spokesperson of this rebel group has termed theirs a legitimate rebellion to free the country from what they have described as President Maduro's 'murderous tyranny'.

Attack on military base heightens tensions

Meanwhile, an attack was made on a  military base in Venezuela, causing more confusion and leading to even more anxiety about the worsening law and order situation within the borders. News reports indicate that the military base was located near the capital, Caracas, in the state of Carabobo. The proximity of the attack to the capital city is alarming but the government has issued an official statement that the attack was repelled. It is known that the attackers did manage to escape with some arms stored at the base, though.

Later reports indicated that about 20 men had attacked the base with the probable intent of getting access to some arms. In his statement on TV issued after the attack was over, President Maduro said that only half of the 10 actually fought with the defense personnel and they were soon subdued. He also said that two of the attackers were killed in the skirmish while one was wounded. Pointing out that the attackers had all been civilians with one exception, Maduro termed the act as a 'desperate' one.

Rebel leader identified

Local news channels have confirmed the identity of the leader of the rebels who spoke in the video that has been released. He has been identified as a National Guard officer, Captain Juan Carlos  Caguaripano, who is on the wanted list of the government. He has been on the list since 2014

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