Candidates prepare for Final Presidential Debate

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will participate in the final presidential debate tonight in Las Vegas. This could very well be Trump’s last chance to redeem his image for a shot at the white house.

Hillary Clinton has the upper hand by a large margin in most national polls. The last two debates were harsh attacks where both candidates attacked each other instead of reviewing policies. Such as Trump’s constant view on disbanding Obama care and combatting ISIS with no back up or follow through explanation. “I’ll replace Obamacare with ‘something terrific’.”

During the first debate Trump had mentioned he has a “much better temperament” than Clinton. Hillary shamed Trump for accusing President Barack Obama for not being born in the United States.

Prior to the second debate, a 2005 video was released to the public featuring Trump bragging about groping women. Some republicans even called for Trump to drop out of the race. Although he apologized for his comments in the video during the second debate, he attacked Clinton with personal attacks soon after.

Soon after the video was released, Trump received numerous allegations from women stating that he had made unwanted sexual advances. Trump has suggested that the election could be lost to him due to the result of “large scale voter fraud”.

The FBI released another cache of notes on the investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

The third and final debate will begin 9 p.m. eastern time tonight and is being moderated by Chris Wallace of Fox News.

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