Cannabis Base Wellness Brand started by Ricky Williams

Ricky Williams, a one-time winner of the Heisman Trophy and a former running back in the NFL, has opened Real Wellness by Ricky Williams (RW), his own company. He identifies himself as a cannabis entrepreneur. Williams is the brand leader of his own company.


According to Williams, RW products are geared towards the health conscious consumer of cannabis. A potential customer of the company has a choice of six wellness products. All of them are derived from formulations made by the player himself. The six can be included in the consumers' daily health routine.

Williams showed optimism towards his venture. He said that the company is his dream come true. The impetus behind the creation of this venture was his passion for healing. He also had a long-time fascination with medicines derived from plants. He admitted that cannabis has played a substantial part in his healing journey. He felt responsible to share what he learned in the process.

During his sporting days, William's career was pockmarked by multiple suspensions on charges related to depression, drugs, and marijuana use. According to the former NFL player, these unfortunate instances were only a part of the actual events which took place during this time. The multitude of problems he faced during this period urged him to seek information on holistic healing and alternative medicine. He soon qualified as a holistic healer. Williams is now on his way to acquire a doctorate in Chinese medicine.

Backed by extensive research

The product list of RW includes either tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) derived from hemp. Another product is a mix of both the compounds. All six products have delivery methods best suitable for them. The delivery method could be vape cartridges, salves or tonics. The six products permit consumers to harness cannabis' positive effects in a controlled and conscious manner. Williams alone created the formulas. To do these, he did extensive research on the search activities people typed in for medical marijuana and herbal remedies. He consulted his mentors and instructors to whip up the formulas he felt could be successful commercially. He said what separates him from the rest is that his cannabis-centric wellness program has integrated cannabis and eastern medicines.

Williams claims to be a pioneer in this space. He uses medicinal cannabis to treat a few medical issues which people struggle with. Traditional medicinal herbs which are used to treat anxiety, insomnia, and headaches are blended with cannabis for optimal effect.

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