Cannabis Firm to Build Marijuana Mecca in Las Vegas Desert

Arizona based American Green made an offer to purchase an 80-acre town in the Mojave Desert outside of Las Vegas called Nipton as well as 40 acres nearby for $5 million to build a marijuana mecca. The town includes a hotel, trading post, and RV park.

The firm expects that it will take about 2 years to update businesses in Nipton to cater to cannabis enthusiasts. American Green is a publicly traded cannabis company known for their ID and age verifying marijuana vending machines. They also sell non-psychoactive CBD products such as mints, body balm, and dog treats.

This company has already made a $200,000 down payment and will additionally pay a $1.8 million in cash and take possession of the property. American Green expects to invest up to $2.5 million more to improve the Nipton’s infrastructure and expand the solar plant to offset the energy demands of marijuana production as well.

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