Capango Launches New Mobile-First Retail Job Matching Platform, Quickly Connecting Job Seekers to Opportunities without Resumes

a mobile-first retail job matching platform that connects job seekers to
rewarding opportunities without resumes, announced today the launch of
its flagship product under the same name. Developed by the team behind Natural
Insight, a leading provider of a cloud-based advanced retail
execution and workforce management platform, Capango bridges the gap
between incredible retail talent and great jobs. By focusing on a job
seeker’s unique interests, talents and abilities, Capango transforms the
job seeking experience while reversing the commoditization of hourly
retail workers.

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The retail industry is booming with nearly 723,000 job openings recorded
in April this year according to the National
Retail Federation’s latest report. Natural Insight customers alone
are looking to fill more than 80,000 job openings this year. To help the
industry face the challenge of filling these jobs efficiently, Capango
designed a radically new approach to retail recruiting, streamlining and
simplifying the process while enabling a more engaged and qualified
workforce. Through an exclusive partnership with one of the largest
retail associations, Shop!,
more than 350,000 retail job seekers who were formerly using the retail
recruiter have been invited to sign up with Capango.

“Having been in the retail industry for more than 30 years, one of the
biggest challenges we’ve seen retailers struggle with is the ability to
find and retain qualified retail talent,” said Stefan Midford, president
and CEO of Capango and Natural Insight. “Everyone is still playing by
the same playbook and using traditional resumes and job boards to vet
candidates. We felt that this is a badly outdated model and have spent
the past two years developing Capango to not only meet the needs of
today’s mobile workforce, but to also connect them with jobs that they

A holistic recruiting engine, Capango benefits both ends of the hiring
spectrum. With its easy-to-use, free mobile app, Capango reduces the
time it takes to find the perfect retail job from hours to minutes. Job
seekers never have to answer the same question twice and are matched
with opportunities based on their unique “powers” (skills and abilities)
and “passions” (preferences and interests) as well as location and
travel preferences. In lieu of boring resumes, job seekers can upload a
quick 60-second video, enabling them to let their personalities shine
and convey to employers what they want to do rather than what
they can do. Once matched to opportunities, job seekers can
simply swipe right to express interest, saving them the trouble of
hunting through hundreds of irrelevant job postings.

For employers, Capango enables a more qualified and engaged workforce
leading to low employee turnover and an increase in sales. Through
Capango’s proprietary matching algorithm, employers can immediately
access a funnel of qualified job seekers, with the best candidates
scored and located right on top. Job seekers who don’t meet the
requirements don’t clutter the funnel, eliminating the need for
employers to sift through hundreds of unqualified applications. With
easy-to-skim profiles, personalized video intros and in-app chat,
Capango empowers employers to locate the right hire faster.

“Shop! represents more than 2,000-member companies worldwide that look
to us to bring value to the global retail market,” said Todd Dittman,
COO and executive director of Shop!. “As an organization dedicated to
enhancing retail environments and experiences, the decision to partner
with Capango was easy. We’re excited about Capango’s new approach and
look forward to helping our members better navigate recruitment

From college students to working parents and retirees, Capango offers
retail jobs that fit the demands of every age, demographic, lifestyle
and schedule. Designed for job seekers and employers alike, Capango
provides a one-of-its-kind retail job matching platform for the next

The free mobile app is available for download in Google
Play and the App

To learn more about Capango visit

About Capango

Capango provides
a highly focused, mobile-first retail job matching platform that quickly
connects qualified job seekers to rewarding opportunities without
resumes through a proprietary matching algorithm. Unlike traditional job
boards, Capango eliminates the need to sift through boring resumes and
lengthy applications, focusing instead on a candidate’s “powers” and
“passions.” For employers, this means direct access to qualified,
passionate workers, making hiring fast and cost-effective. Developed by
the team behind Natural
Insight, a leading provider of a cloud-based advanced retail
execution and workforce management platform, Capango bridges the gap
between incredible retail talent and great jobs. To learn more about
Capango, visit
and follow on Twitter @CapangoLife.

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