Charlottesville: Rally Organizer comes Face to Face with Protesters

Protestors made their wrath felt in Charlottesville by forcing the organizer of the far-right rally held on Saturday to leave his press conference. The organizer, Jason Kessler, was trying to hold a joint media appearance in the city center when protesters stormed the podium, forcing Kessler to beat a hasty retreat with the help of the police.

Repercussions of the tragic consequences of the rally

The protest against Kessler came after the tragic end to a counter protest that was held against the 'Unite the Right' march on Saturday in Charlottesville. This White Nationalists march had been organized by Kessler. The participants came face to face with counter protesters and this lead to minor skirmishes, which did not result in any fatalities. However, later on, it appears that a car plowed into another vehicle in a location where the counter protesters had congregated and in the ensuing confusion, one woman was killed while many others were injured, some very seriously.  The driver of the car has now been identified as a 20-year-old with clear neo-Nazi leanings although no political affiliations have emerged until now.

Kessler aims to delink himself from car attack

Even as he is facing growing anger and criticism for the rally that he organized, Jason Kessler has been busy clearly establishing that he has nothing to do with the car attack or the driver of the car. However, this does not seem to have had much impact on those protesting against him. When he made his appearance at the press conference venue, Kessler was greeted with chants of 'murderer' and 'Nazi', clearly indicating that, as far as the crowd was concerned, he was to blame for the fatality that occurred post the car crash. Kessler did manage to actually get on stage and even talk although his speech was completely drowned out by the screaming crowds. Soon after he began to speak, the crowd lost patience and stormed the podium, forcing Kessler to leave the venue quickly.

Meanwhile, President Trump has also been catching flak for the incident and his lukewarm reaction to the violence that claimed a life, although White House officials have tried to downplay this. The majority of Democrats and even some Republicans have made it clear that they are less than impressed with the President's avoidance of the words 'white supremacists' while condemning the attack.

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