Charter Platinum Sponsor, Land Science Joins Organizing Committee for the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP) | Financial Buzz

Charter Platinum Sponsor, Land Science Joins Organizing Committee for the Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals (AVIP)

Land Science, a division of REGENESIS , is pleased to announce its support and involvement in the newly launched Association of Vapor Intrusion Professionals as a charter Platinum Sponsor and member of the AVIP’s councils. The purpose of AVIP is to build a community of professionals dedicated to advancing the vapor intrusion (VI) industry and providing a forum for informational exchange of knowledge and science related to VI; as well as establishing a central resource for technology, guidance, standards, credentialing and best practices for both those in the industry and those seeking VI-related services. The need for a global association like AVIP stems from the growing complexity of regulations and standards across regions as well as a call for a uniform and central source for training and best practices.

“One of the most important functions of AVIP is to bring the community together to share knowledge, develop best practices and be a strong voice for the development of national guidance documents,” says AVIP Board of Directors President Tom Hatton. “When you have exposure standards that can differ by several orders of magnitude, it is very difficult for individuals who are trying to assess the health risks and companies who are trying to mitigate their long-term liability, to know exactly how to prioritize and move forward with solving problems. One of the reasons why AVIP was created is to help develop a comprehensive approach to vapor intrusion and guide the implementation of universal standards across the country.”

As part of the newly formed non-profit association, Land Science joins leading VI professionals and thought leaders from across the industry. “I am excited to serve AVIP in their mission to develop and promote standards across the VI industry. We value the wide range of professionals involved from site characterization to design and ultimately vapor mitigation system installation and I believe AVIP can be a place for industry professionals to share best practices,” adds Land Science Senior Vice President Rick Gillespie. AVIP’s leadership represents a distinguished group of influential and experienced professionals focused on providing a host of member benefits and training to the VI industry.

AVIP Member benefits include increased visibility in the Industry, a searchable member database, recommending and setting regulatory standards of practice as well as access to updated regulations and standards, state and local government contact information, training, certification, and VI vendor and supplier database. “Response to both our pre-announcement and the launch of the website has been tremendous,” says AVIP Communications Chair Laurie Chilcote. “We all knew that something needed to be done to bring everyone into the conversation, but I am not sure we realized how ready everyone was to move the standards and guidance conversation forward until we started getting such positive response to the organization.”

Land Science has offered world-class vapor intrusion solutions for nearly 15 years and provides a suite of advanced vapor barrier systems spanning a wide range of site types for both existing and build-to-suit requirements. Delivering on the highest level of protection against vapor intrusion, Land Science solutions are often easier and faster to install and competitively priced. Brownfield property developers are rapidly increasing the incorporation of these systems into their building plans and existing structures as a means to address a range of potential vapor intrusion risks, known or unknown to ensure a safe and healthy environment for future tenants and occupants. Land Science’s certified applicators can install these advanced systems quickly and effectively.

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ABOUT REGENESIS and LAND SCIENCE: Founded in 1994, REGENESIS is an expert provider of in situ soil, groundwater, and vapor intrusion remediation products and services. Land Science, a division of REGENESIS, offers a full line of vapor intrusion mitigation technologies and is the safe and effective choice for leading engineering, construction, and environmental consulting firms serving a broad range of clients, including developers, insurance companies, manufacturers, municipalities, regulatory agencies and federal, state and local governments.

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