Checkr Creates Dynamic Monitoring Tool to Elevate Safety in Ridesharing

the leading provider of modern and compliant background checks, today
announced new technology that provides continuous updates about criminal
records that may affect ridesharing drivers’ eligibility to drive.
Checkr Continuous Check, which was designed with Uber, dynamically
identifies potentially disqualifying records to help ensure drivers
continue to meet Uber’s safety standards.

“With today’s on-demand workforce, there’s a need to move beyond static
background reports to dynamic screenings,” said Daniel Yanisse, CEO of
Checkr. “Through Continuous Check, Checkr is creating a new standard of
safety for the ridesharing industry and beyond that will provide
critical insight into changes in someone’s background that may affect
their eligibility to work.”

Uber is the first company to adopt the technology. Using data sources
that cover most new criminal offenses, Continuous Check provides
notifications to Uber when a driver is involved in criminal activity.
Uber can then investigate any potentially disqualifying information,
such as a new and pending charge for a DUI, to determine whether the
driver is still eligible to drive with Uber. This new technology allows
Uber to continuously enforce its safety standards between annual reruns
of background checks.

“Safety is essential to Uber and we want to ensure drivers continue to
meet our standards on an ongoing basis,” said Gus Fuldner, Vice
President of Safety and Insurance at Uber. “This new continuous checking
technology will strengthen our screening process and improve safety.”

Designed initially to meet the stringent requirements of the ridesharing
industry, Continuous Check will be available to all Checkr customers in
Fall 2018.

About Checkr

Checkr’s mission is to build a fairer future by improving understanding
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Using Checkr’s advanced background check technology, companies of all
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