Chelsea Manning Set to Run for Senate

Chelsea Manning was in the news for quite some time when she served 7 years in prison on account of leaking data to Wikileaks. The transgender Army informer is now planning to run for the Senate from the state of Maryland.

According to federal election updates, 30-year-old Manning is attempting to get the nomination of the Democratic Party for the seat which is currently held by the very popular Ben Cardin. He has already served two complete terms and is likely looking at a third win in November.

According to a Reuters report, Manning was not available for a comment on this piece of news.

Manning gets an early release from prison

In 2013, Ms. Manning had been imprisoned for the biggest leak, involving classified government documents and was given a 35-year sentence in prison. But last year, Barack Obama, who had been President at that time, gave orders to commute her sentence. This led to her being released from the Kansas military prison.

Reports suggest that Manning shifted to Maryland immediately after being released from prison. Her family and friends raised over $175,000 through a digital campaign in order to help her run for the Senate.

According to the Washington Post, the senior senator from Maryland, Mr. Cardin, is not particularly susceptible to a fight from within his state. However, an external candidate like Manning, who is widely recognized throughout the country, might be a threat. She could get support from several donors who are interested in uplifting a liberal agenda.

In 2012, Mr. Cardin had experienced an easy re-election. He was 30 points ahead of his Republican challenger in the majority Democratic state.

US helicopter kills people in Baghdad

Manning had been serving as an Iraq-based intelligence analyst. She was imprisoned for leaking over 700,000 documents, diplomatic cables and videos to WikiLeaks.

The material that was leaked by Manning also included an infamous video showing an incident that occurred in 2007, when people in a suburban area in Baghdad were attacked by an American Apache helicopter. The incident ended up killing more than 12 people, including two Reuters staff members.

Almost immediately after her sentence, Manning decided to come out as a transgender. However, her hormone therapy request was rejected by the military while she was in prison. At that time, Manning was put in a confined, isolated space, because she tried to commit suicide twice.

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