China and Foreign Parrots

Beijing is known to mix economic incentives in exchange for political favors. One example of this strategy came to public view when an Australian Senator submitted his resignation after it was revealed that a Chinese donor gave him money. The Australian Senator then toed the China line on issue of South China Sea.

Chinese Strategy

China is now enlisting the help of Western politicians to blunt any criticism of Beijing. It also haunts its opponents where ever they travel in the world. One example of such bullying is narrated by Lobsay Sangay, the noted Tibetan statesman. He complained that a Chinese delegation always tail him all over the world. Chinese officials also pressure international governments not to interact or meet with the exiled Tibetan.

Yet another example is the country's dealings with Senator Steve Daines, a Republican elected from Montana. For Beijing, this event marks the beginning of a success story. Daines profited from Beijing. He announced in November to his constituents that the long efforts made by him have finally bore fruit. A prominent Chinese retailer has agreed to import beef from China. The total deal value is about $200 million. The Xi Jinping led Chinese Government got something in return in December. On December 5, the Senator played host to a Chinese Communist Party delegation officials. These officials are unique in the sense that they are in charge of administering Tibet. The request by the Chinese Embassy reportedly brought down a notch or two for the visit to Washington by president of the exiled Tibetan Government. Lobsang Sangay, the concerned Tibetan head, went to meet lawmakers and also Tibetan community members. He is hated by Beijing.

Stifling The Opposition

Daines held a rival Beijing friendly meeting attended by the likes of Senator John Barrasso, a Republican elected from Wyoming. China Daily, a newspaper owned by the Chinese Government, said that the American representatives had offered fulsome praise to Chinese officials stationed in Tibet for doing an exemplary job in the preservation of traditional culture and also environmental protection.

No record exists of Daines pursuing the line of thinking that he has chided Beijing for the country's systematic and brutal repression inside Tibet. The list of such inflicted sufferings includes mass incarceration, attempted cultural genocide, mass surveillance, and environmental destruction. The Senator had also done a number of other favors for the Chinese Government. One of them is opposition to name the street where the Chinese embassy stands to Liu Xiabbo, the Novel Prize recipient who died in Chinese custody.

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