Chinese Immigrant shows off Ferrari collection on Jay Leno

David Lee owns five Ferraris worth almost $12 million. He showed them off to Jay Leno during CNBC’s “Jay Leno’s Garage.” “This is almost too much for one person to take in,” stated Leno. “Any one of these would be just incredible.”

Lee’s father, years ago, had swam across the delta from Macao to Hong Kong, he used two volleyballs and a net. Not many survive the journey. At the time, his father had no money and became an apprentice for a gem stone carving master. After learning and honing the expertise in five years, he decided to venture to America when an opportunity to open a jewelry shop arose.

After College, David has joined his father to help in the family business and took it a step up. David enjoys driving his prized possessions and stated that, “I couldn’t tell people how it really feels.” He then presses Leno to drive his $1.4 million Ferrari to experience it. Leno boasts after the ride, “I think I’m in love. This is just fantastic.”

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