Chris Christie is the Most Unpopular Governor in the Country

Chris Christie is now the least popular governor in the country. According to a new poll conducted by Morning Consult, Governor Christie’s disapproval rating has reached a new high of 71%. Also, the poll indicates, that only 25% of New Jersey residents approve of their governor.It seems Chris Christie’s unpopularity has been growing for a while. Going back to the infamous incident with the closing of the George Washington Bridge, in which Christie’s administration was involved, and recently playing a role in supporting Donald Trump in the recent presidential election, a risk coming from New Jersey, a blue state that mostly voted for Hillary Clinton.

While being a republican governor on a blue state maybe a little problematic for Christie, it is not so for Charlie Baker, the republican governor of Massachusetts. According to the Morning Consult/ Politico poll Baker is now the most popular governor in the country with a very strong approval rating of 75%, and disapproval of only 17%.
Baker is known for being governor who willing to work with the democratic constituency in Massachusetts and is opposing the current Presidential administration on several issues such as immigration.    

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