Christie Working Hard for a VP Nomination

The American Presidential race has come to its final stage and phase, which is the general election. The two front runners from both the Republican and Democratic Party have been chosen, and both of them will battle it out come November, when a Presidential candidate will be chosen as President elect, to replace President Obama in the White House for the next four years. The primary race was run and contested extremely hard. It helped each party establish their respective front runner for the race. The Democrats had a contentious but certain decision with Senator Hillary Clinton, and the Republican Party went with the unusual choice of New York businessman, Donald Trump.

The final contenders

While there has been relative peace and quiet in the race, it is primarily because the general election is yet to begin. The Presidential race may be one of the most bizzare and thoroughly contended affair within the country’s Presidential history. The Republican Party has had one of the most abnormal contention wherein a Washington outsider has won the ticket to contest. Trump beat out all seasoned politicians to win the prize of his nomination for the Presidential Race.

Amongst the many rivals that Donald Trump hammered out of the competition was New Jersey governor Chris Christie. The governor of the state has been in the focus for being a joke and is not taken too seriously as he does not inspire much of an intellectual stimulus in the public opinion. Governor Christie fought Donald Trump in the primaries, but bowed out from the race after realizing he was nowhere close to beating Donald Trump. Chris Christie has been eyeing the Vice Presidential portfolio for long, according to various sources.

The race to second

The New Jersey governor was one of the most vocal in supporting Donald Trump’s bid for the Presidency. He has been highly criticized for various reasons, most of which include his inability to conduct the economic affairs of his state well. The New Jersey governor has had major problems with tax reforms and raising funds for running his state affairs. Public opinion for Christie has been plummeting, but the New Jersey governor is still hopeful of a shot at the Vice Presidential seat if Donald Trump were to win the election.

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