Citi increases Probability of Clinton win

With less than a month away from the presidential election, analysts at Citi have increased the chances of Hillary Clinton’s victory from 60 percent to 70 percent. Citi’s research analysts pointed out, “continued momentum for Clinton in the polls, and Trump’s difficulty in overcoming challenges and broadening his appeal behind his stalwart supporters.”

Last week a video of Trump was released from 2005 where Trump was making comments inappropriate and derogatory towards women. Although Hillary’s chances are increasing from recent findings on Trump, analysts reiterated, caution due to concerns about polls capturing marginalized voters and the high potential for Black Swan events.” The political debate Sunday may have disappointed many from both sides Democratic and Republican, it seems Hillary has an edge on voter interest.

Citi also mentioned that “polling on national and state level as well as favorability numbers. The level of support for third party candidates has recently been on the decline, boosting Clinton’s chances of winning. This trend as well as the number of undecided voters are important to watch for.”

Although Trump has had a few bumps on the way towards the end of the election, there are no signs that he will withdraw from the race.

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