Citizens are susceptible to Breaches of Privacy all over the World


Snoop Scoop

A number of countries have decided to keep an eye on their citizens should anyone decide to go rogue. Snooping on people seems to be that you are always on the radar even though most people do not have the time or the inclination to do illegal deeds. Nevertheless, with the rate of terrorist activities taking place and cyber terrorism along with biological warfare rearing their ugly heads, a country has to do what is necessary, period. Going by the book, to ensure that all their citizens are safe, using big brother like methods is quite essential.

Airing Dirty Laundry

Hacking has taken on a new meaning today where even the average person’s email account can be viewed by anyone. No matter what you do with changing passwords or the like, a hacker goes to town doing what he does best – snoop. Taking this very seriously, governments on the global stage have been using tools to ensure that their secrets are safe and citizens are taken care of, effectively. Unfortunately, unless one is on the go 24×7 to ensure that these nefarious agents do not swoop in, everyone’s laundry whether dirty or clean can be aired in public.

Flights of Concern

After the loss of Fidel Castro, it looks like the future would be quite a different one between the United States and Cuba. Castro, during his reign was extremely opposed to the influence of America and with Donald Trump being the new President of the US, it looks like the relationship may be strained, based on the views of many pundits. On another plane, the problems with airlines and the loss of lives because of limited fuel on chartered flights or general flights has become quite a worrying issue. The death of the Brazilian football team is another reason why it is quite disquieting why these problems are occurring.

Needs of the Hour

Aside from these issues are problems like religious intolerance, climate change, poverty and malnutrition. The lack of basic education, constant wars, economic instability, safety and cyber security are reasons why vigilance has become a constant. Governments are making it a priority, to ensure that earning a basic livelihood is on the cards. Keeping people safe, the country free from intolerance and bigotry in every facet of life, is the way ahead. Dealing with climate change is a very serious issue. Malnutrition because of a lack of food or water is another cause for concern in the realm of global politics. Going forward, the need of the hour is to ensure that every single person has equal rights and the advantages of social, economic and overall freedom.

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