Citizens concerned about losing rights as Trump is elected President

Running a country is not an easy job and more so the United State of America. That being said, there is a fiduciary responsibility to implement policies in ensuring that the needs of the people are taken into account. People from the LGBT community have a worry, as they fear that they may not be treated equally with the new party in power. Undocumented immigrants have a general perception that their rights will not be given unless one prescribes to a certain ideology. Mr. Trump has said in his address that he will treat everyone alike.

Partisan bickering about laws and the rights of people may be a problem down the line, but the general tone of the President Elect is that he will treat everyone right. State politics that has been quite an issue with many who wanted Clinton to run the show, but the vote is in and there is going to be a certain amount of change. One key aspect that will be addressed is making healthcare more affordable without posing a burden on American families. In doing so, the objective of protecting life from conception to death is on the cards, which is a huge bonus.

By nominating good judges to the bench, the new administration will ensure that there is total transparency in the way government runs things. The modus operandi of every government, aside from churning out laws that need implementation is to ensure that they appease the people who voted them to power. Given the fact that abortion has been one of the key fundamentals that the Democrats had going for them, it is expected that the new government will keep the needs of the public in mind.

The election that was widely discussed at tea table parties and across the globe expected Clinton to win because of huge corporate backing. Looking back, many believe that the policies that were implemented by her appeased the liberals and the elite. The new state political machinery is expected to create an easy way to balance the monthly equation without paying huge taxes.

When you consider the plan that is expected to go on the floor, as per the campaigns, everyone in this wonderful country will see the light of day with new ideas and easy implementable plans. In using professionals with the wherewithal, one can expect something interesting from the 45th President who has not been political in the past. Offering a businesslike approach, there is bound to be a greater job for every state of the nation.

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