Clinton Continues to Lead

Hillary Clinton, the presidential nominee from the Democratic Party, continues to lead six points above her opponent from the Republican Party, Donald Trump. A poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News revealed the result on September 21. This poll was done at a time when Hillary Clinton fell ill with pneumonia. The Democratic candidate was also criticized for referring to supporters of Trump as “deplorables”. 

Two horse race

The poll depicts a four way race. The results show Clinton having a lead on Trump. The Democrat has 43 percent of the vote and the Republican real estate billionaire trailing with 37 percent. In third position is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate with nine percent of votes. The fourth and last position is occupied by Jill Stein, a candidate for the Green Party. Stein has three percent of the vote. When a two way race is considered, Clinton is ahead of Trump. She has 48 percent and the Republian 41 percent.

Fred Yang, the pollster from the Democratic Party, and who conducted the poll with Bill McInturff, a Republican, said that all indications say that Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States. The outcome of a Clinton victory holds true even during the worst weeks of the Democrat’s candidacy. From the Republican side, McInturff agreed with Yang, saying that for Trump to win, something unexpected should happen.

Demographic breakdown

When it comes to two way races, Democrat Clinton holds her lead among African Americans with 81 percent of the community rooting for her. Only seven percent will vote for Republican Trump. She also leads among women, with 51 percent of those polled supporting her. Trump has got the confidence of 37 percent of women. Amongst young voters, 50 percent said that they will vote for Clinton while 34 percent leaned towards Trump. The only two demographics where Trump leads is among whites. About 49 percent of whites among the polled have said that they will vote for Trump. Hillary has 41 percent of the vote. The Republican also leads among men- about 46 percent to 44 percent for Clinton.

For Trump, the analysis of polls is not all bleak. When questioned about who will be better suited to revamp the economy, 46 percent of respondents chose Trump to 41 percent of Clinton. In terms of honesty and character, Trump again comes out tops, with 41 percent and 31 percent for Clinton.

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