Clinton, Florida and Zika outbreak

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Presidential nominee, has turned the first US Zika outbreak in Florida into a political plank when she visited the Wynwood area in the state. She toured the Borinquen Medical Center, the health clinic located near to the place where the first 16 non-travel linked Zika cases were diagnosed. She is scheduled to ask the Repuiblican congressional leaders so that the GOP lawmaers could be summoned from the summer recess. The objective is to either formulate a bupartisan compromise or pass the stalled legislation which could help to solve the Zika crisis.

This is an important issue which has the potential to affect votes in the important swing state. Clinton currently holds a miniscule advantage in the recent polls. Trump has not expressed his response to the Zika crisis until now. However, the billionare real estate developer was heard saying that he believes Rock Scott, the Governor of Florida and a Republican, to have the whole activity under control.

Until August, Zika was detected only in people who had traveled to South American countries or to the Caribbean. A warning was issued by the Federal officials that pregnant women should avoid a certain Miami neighborhood along with the square mile area surrounding it.

Republican lawmakers departed Washington in the middle of July for their seven week hiatus sans the approval of a $9 billion proposal which President Obama has asked in February. The objective behind giving this money is to try the development of a Zika vaccine. The mosquities which control the virus must also be contained.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats blame the Republicans for the politicization of the legislation through the adding of a provision to the $1.1 billion measure. This measure is an uncomfortable one and would have blocked Puerto Rico based Planned Parenthood clinics from receiving any money.

The Republicans, on their part, say that the Obama administration has not spent the money which was already allocated. They allege that it is the Democrats who are engaged in playing politics during the election year.

This attention towards Zika comes at a time when the two presidential candidates are engaged in an economic debate after Trump announced an overhauled tax proposal which included considerable tax cuts. Many Republicans have come out openly against Trump, citing that he was unfit to hold the presidency. About 50 Republican ex-national security officials have signed a letter which termed Trump the most reckless of all presidential candidates in history.

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