Clinton intent to firm her advantage over floundering Trump

With the Republican Party conceding Trump may not win, Clinton has been forceful to cement her advantage in the 2016 presidential race. She is now requesting the core Democratic constituencies to vote for her in the states where the balloting has already started. She understands that if she runs up a convincing lead in states like Florida and North Carolina before November 8, there will be zero chance of her Republican contender staging any comeback.

Decisive win

Hillary Clinton is clearly aiming more than a victory over Donald Trump. She has asked her voters to give her a strong team in Congress. If this is achieved, it will not only expel the GOP presidential nominee but also those Republicans who have supported Trump. Everything now she does points to her trying to achieve complete unfettered of Congress. She had strong words for Pennsylvania Republican and Senator Patrick Toomey and urged voters to support Deborah Ross for Democratic Governor. Senator Richard Burr of the GOP is now the governor of the state.

Clinton said that unlike the Republicans, Ross was fearless to oppose Trump. She said that it is imperative that people of principles must stand together to reject such a divisive and dangerous agenda.

Not absolute power

The presidential race has been now so skewed that even in traditional Republican states like North Carolina, Hillary Clinton has the confidence to tell undecided voters to give support to Democratic candidates. Although she is not universally popular, her candidacy for US President is expected to find supporters from both sides of the political divide. To many voters Trump is simply intolerable.

Republicans are now trying to blunt the Clinton effort of carrying other Democrats to Congress. The GOP, fully aware that Trump will not gain the presidency, they now ask the electorate to elect a government with equal Republican Democrat representation so that Clinton does not give unchecked power. Efforts to this end are already being made by Congressional Leadership Fund, a Republican super PAC, to put Representatives in the Senate. Ads placed in a number of media sources say that Democratic candidates are inn reality Clinton’s rubber stamps and they urge the voters resident in the swing states to support the Republicans. The GOP representatives are afraid that Trump will damage the party more if he cannot catch up with Clinton during the presidential race.

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