Clinton is Winning the Primary say Major News Agencies

Bernie Sanders is an angry man these days and it is surprising because he is not the sort to get angry easily. Two major news agencies, Associated Press and NBC News have jumped the gun to announce that Hillary Clinton has stolen a march over Bernie Sanders in the delegates count, insinuating that she has all but won the primary.

Associated Press said that based on the count of delegates, each candidate has won in primaries and caucuses till now and a survey of Democratic party insiders called super delegates, it is convinced that Hillary Clinton has the requisite number of delegates she needs to win the Democratic nomination. All that she has to do now is go to the Democratic National Convention next month and accept the nomination.

Surprisingly, NBC News also came to the same conclusion later. It is infuriating because on Monday there were no primaries in any state. So how can the two agencies claim this? This is the same question Bernie Sanders is asking.

Bernie Sanders shrugs it off as a ploy by elites in the Democratic party

Lisa Lerer, who covers politics for The Associated Press reported Sanders as saying, Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the required number of party delegates yet and the super-delegates don’t count till the party primary in July. So he is going to dig his boots in and run the gauntlet until the end.

The news agencies have made it sound as if Hillary Clinton has already won, when she clearly hasn’t, (at least not yet). We cannot rule out a ploy to force fence sitting democratic voters to make a choice quickly. Who wants to back a losing horse? In that sense, it can help Hillary Clinton win the nomination more easily. She can then go into the one-on-one contest with Donald Trump with confidence.

Declaring Hilary Clinton the winner on the basis of super-delegates’ support can backfire

By proclaiming Hillary Clinton as the winner, on the basis of support from the super delegates, the news agencies have given credence to the idea that Sanders is losing because of the super delegates.

The super delegates are not democratically elected, unlike party delegates. If the idea circulates that Sanders lost because super delegates decided to go against popular opinion, Hillary Clinton may lose the support of the Democrats who were rooting for Sanders. With Sanders promising to take the fight all the way to the Democratic National Convention next month, Hillary Clinton surely doesn’t have it easy.

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