Clinton lays election loss on Comey’s door

Hillary Clinton, who came out second best in last week’s Presidential race, blamed her election loss squarely on James B. Comey, the director of Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI reopened (and then subsequently again closed) their inquiry into the alleged illegal use of private email server by the former Secretary of State only a few days before the election.

Blame it all on Comey

Clinton, during her 30 minute long conference call with her donors, said that the decision by Comey to send his letter to Congress concerning the inquiry only 11 days prior to Election Day had pushed the controversial topic back into the news. This prevented her from ending her campaign with any optimistic argument. She said that after due analysis, it can be concluded that the letter sent by the FBI director stopped the Democratic Party’s win. Hillary Clinton continued on to say that the second letter sent by Comey, which cleared her of any wrong doing, and which came only two days prior the elections actually caused more damage. In the second letter, it was stated that Comey, after analysis of a new tranche of emails, has come to the conclusion that there is no need for him to change his earlier stance of the erstwhile Democratic presidential candidate of facing no charges over her earlier actions.

The allegation and even their subsequent dismissal had the effect of pushing voters distrustful of Clinton towards the Trump camp. Aides to Clinton said that it specially impacted white women resident in suburban areas. They were reminded of this email problem. Trump reaped the benefits.

Outsider’s fault

Clinton is not the first presidential candidate to go for such kind of blame game. Blaming outsiders is a common tactic. John Kerry, in 2004, blamed a Osama bin Laden videotape for his loss. Mitt Romney, in 2012, said that Obama only won as the Democrat has promised to offer gifts to the latter’s special interest groups comprising of Hispanics and African-Americans.

When it came to Clinton, she lost by a narrow margin in a number of key states. She also won the popular vote in excess of two million. However, her aversion to taking any personal responsibility has angered a number of Democrats. A number of donors, even as they expressed bitterness about Comey, said that Clinton was unable to sidestep a number of mistakes even when confronted with what they termed, an unacceptable opponent. They quickly pointed out that Clinton had no compelling message when it came to attracting white voters of the working class.

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