Clinton’s denouncement spurs the “Alt-Right”

For the hard right and white nationalists of the USA, things are going much better than ever before. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party nominee, has denounced them, thereby propelling these radical groups into the national spotlight. Clinton accused her opponent from the Republican Party, Donald Trump, of having-and pandering- to the adherents of “Alt-Right” or far right philosophy.

Free publicity

Clinton’s angry speech against Trump was met with glee in the far right camp. William Johnson of American Freedom Party, a white nationalist organization, said that the Democratic nominee has brought their party’s views to the front of the national audience. Johnson, incidentally was chosen by Trump as his California delegate at the time of the primaries. The former later resigned. Identical views were echoed by Jared Taylor, who runs American Renaissance, an online magazine for white nationalists. He said that he and his like minded compatriots are grateful for any publicity Clinton throws at them. He added that there a lot of things which needed to be said by them and they are glad when the national audience listens to what they say.

Defining hate

Trump’s hate saturated speeches have emboldened these far right fringe groups to come to the mainstream. Spencer of National Policy Institute has even suggested that it is time not to call such right wing ideologies as the “alternative”. In fact, he said, that they have assumed control of mainstream right.

The Southern Poverty Law Center defines alt-right as a collection of extreme right ideologies, indivduals and groups  whose beliefs depend on the idea that their “white identity” has come under attack by so called “social justice” and “political correctness”. The right wing allege that these forces act in collusion to undermine white people along with “their” civilization. The far right believes that all  people are not equal, with race forming a core to the philosophy.

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