Clinton’s resumed Email Probe may aid in defeating Trump

The email scandal had reopened Friday afternoon threatening Hillary Clinton’s shot at the presidency, but may aid in achieving it. The Federal Bureau of Investigations announced the re-opening of its probe in emails related to the private server of Clinton. Many believe that this announcement has turned to the tides of the election in Trump’s favor.  

Boosted support rose during the FBI announcement, closing the nine point lead Hillary held over Trump as of last week. Real Clear Politics’ poll indicates that Trump has 43.3 percent of voters while Clinton has a slight advantage at 47.6 percent.

Xenia Wickett, Head of the US and the Americas Program at Chatham House told CNBC Monday that the re-opened email scandal and narrowing polls could help Clinton.

“Trump voters are very enthusiastic about Trump so they will come out to vote.”

“Clinton voters are often not so enthusiastic about her, so if people see the polls are cloning closer together the level of complacency that many hold will be removed and lots of people will therefore come out for Clinton that otherwise might not,“ said Wickett.

A representative for the Clinton campaign states that he is confident these new emails will not alter any conclusions to those reached by the FBI in July.

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