Clinton Tweets That She is “Feeling Fine” After Incident

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton tweeted on Tuesday that she was getting better and hopes to get back on the road soon. The comments come after a video, showing Clinton stumbling into a van after leaving the 9/11 memorial service early, was released online. It went viral instantly and rumors spread that Clinton was ill. Her doctor then reiterated that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia earlier in the week. Her spokesman, Brian Fallon, stated that the administration could’ve handled the situation better and would release more medical information shortly. The video and the following revelations have left some Democrats feeling uneasy about the Clinton campaign’s transparency.

When asked about why she hadn’t shared the information during an interview with CNN on Monday, Clinton stated that she considered the diagnosis to be no big deal. She explained that the weather was hot and humid, leading her to feel dizzy and lose balance. She clarified that she did not faint and was feeling better after getting into her AC car and drinking water.

It is still unsure when Clinton will get back on the campaign trail and has since cancelled a fundraising trip in California but she tweeted that she wants to get back on the trail soon. Her competitor, Donald Trump, surprisingly did not lash out at her but took the opportunity to respond to her earlier comments about his supporters.

Growing uncertainty

Democrats and supporters are growing more vary over Clinton’s campaign as Trump has ditched his erratic behavior since August. Many fear that the Republican candidate could create an actual race if he does well at the upcoming presidential debate. Some even claim that Clinton’s unpopularity rivals that of Trump and this week’s incident does not help the situation.

For now, Clinton has a lead over Trump in various areas with the polls just a few weeks away. Trump continues to struggle when it comes to getting women, blacks and other minorities on his side. He has limited options to achieve the 270 Electoral College votes that he needs to win in December.  Much like Obama’s winning campaigns, Clinton is using a sophisticated voter targeting and turnout campaign to make sure that she has a healthy lead over Trump. Her supporters and Democrats are only worried about complacency setting in and making the presidential race a close one.

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