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CNN Gains Unprecedented Access to Workers Party Congress

CNN has received unprecedented access to one of the most intimate North Korean event of a lifetime. North Korea had held its Workers Party Congress after 36 years. The new North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un had decided to go in his father’s footsteps and host one of the largest party gatherings that has ever existed. North Korea is a nation in absolute and complete lockdown from the rest of the world. The country is also under the absolute and complete dictatorship of the so called Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. Kim Jong Un has succeeded to the leadership position after his father and has subsumed the responsibilities very successfully according to the state controlled North Korean media.

Unprecedented access

Kim Jong Un wished to make a major impression not just on his people of North Korea, but to the entire world about the affluence and wealth of the nation. The young leader had also ensured the nation to bring in media personnel from all across the world. CNN was one of the major news channels that was invited and present at the event. The North Korean state had invited about 100 journalists from around the world but were given very limited and restrained access to all the various parts of the event. The journalists were forced to cover the parades and rallies instead of getting a chance to cover the Workers Party Congress convention.

At the last moment however, there was a major shift in the North Korean tone when they invite about 30 odd journalists of which CNN was one which was invited to witness the entire happenings of the event. Security was extremely strict wherein the privileged journalists were not allowed to carry their cell phones or even the cordless mics and any spare batteries. The Workers Party Congress was convened in a large hall with several dignitaries attending.

Rising tensions

The whole security process was a long enduring process which lasted over 90 minutes. The reason the event was supposed to be unprecedented, was because this was the first time in the history of North Korea that western journalists were officially permitted inside Pyongyang. Tensions were high around the Korean peninsula earlier this year as there was imminent threat of war which was conveyed by North Korea on South Korea’s military exercises and nuclear experiments. 


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