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CNN Sues Trump after Jim Acosta’s Press Pass is Revoked

It’s no news that Jim Acosta is on President Trump’s long list of Fake News sources. The President has been at odds with the news correspondent since he has taken office. This rivalry between Trump and the Reporter came to a climax during a press conference where Acosta had his press pass revoked by the President. This action was taken after Acosta had refused to give up a microphone after his initial question and continued to press Trump.
Tuesday, CNN, the news network Acosta reports for, had announced that they have filed a lawsuit against the President as well as five other White House staffers, including Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, for the reinstatement of Acostas Secret Service press pass, also known as a hard pass.
 In a statement released by the news network “While the suit is specific to CNN and Acosta, this could have happened to anyone, if left unchallenged, the actions of the White House would create a dangerous chilling effect for any journalist who covers our elected officials.”
 In their case, being handled in the District Court of Washington D.C., the Network and Acosta are accusing the President, and his staff, of violating both Acosta’s 1st Amendment for freedom of the press, as well as his 5th Amendment right to due process.

  1. Tywan Cooke 1 year ago

    Trump argues in court filing that he can limit journalists’ access to White House

  2. Chris Hernandez 1 year ago

    Trump’s problem is going to be that the WH position, between he & Sarah Sanders, and others, keeps changing. CNN will absolutely use that in court and the court will most likely decide that the decision to revoke came from Acosta being tough on the WH, and the WH is in violation.

  3. John Howard 1 year ago

    This is all so painfully silly. Acosta’s behavior was reprehensible and should be censured by all media organizations. If they also think revoking his permanent pass was too steep a penalty, fine, but that argument does not belong in front of a judge.

    • Andy Smith 1 year ago

      There was a girl in my class who presented about Trump vs. Journalism. She said Trump is destroying Journalism. Then she showed the Acosta video. She actually thinks that the video was doctored when it was clear it wasn’t. She believes the lies.

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