Coca-Cola Launches Its First Alcoholic Drink in Kyushu, Japan

Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) has launched the brand's first mixed alcoholic beverage – "Lemon-Do" – in Japan on Monday. There is three variations being sold ranging from 3% to 7% alcohol content.

This is the first time in its 126-year history that the company has ever released an alcoholic drink. The only other time it has associated with alcohol was during the 1970s when it experimented with the winery industry.

According to the company's Japanese website, it received its inspiration from the local popularity of Chu-Hi drinks which blends a distilled, grain-based spirit called "shochu" with flavored carbonated water.

The drink is a "pilot project in the region which has a sizable market" according to a spokesman for Coca-Cola's Japanese unit, and it has only been released and sold in Kyushu, a southern island of Japan, where its entered the market against other local companies selling similar alcoholic beverages. It's being sold in 350ml cans for 150 yen, or $1.80 US.

The company has not made plans to launch the product throughout the rest of Japan or globally yet as it experiments within the island.

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