Comcast’s Xfinity to Throttle Video Resolution and Hotspot Speeds

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ: CMCSA) announced its plans to slow down hotspot speeds and throttle video resolution for its Xfinity Mobile customers, according to a user’s submission on Reddit, which Comcast later confirmed.

Comcast’s service is now lowering all video resolution to 480p when streaming over cellular data. The Company will also limit personal hotspotting to 3G for unlimited customers. Prior to the changes, customers had access to 4G hotspots and 720p video resolution.

"We're making two changes to our service to help us maintain the low price point of Xfinity Mobile. First, we're establishing 480p as the default resolution for streaming video over cellular data on Xfinity Mobile, which is consistent with standard unlimited plans across carriers. It's important to note that this change won't impact video resolution when using Wi-Fi, where customers will continue to be able to stream in HD. Second, we're setting personal hotspotting at 3G speeds for all Unlimited customers, which will allow customers to continue to do many of the things they enjoy doing online. Our By the Gig data option will continue to deliver 4G speeds for all data traffic." Comcast said in a statement to CNET.

But the Company said it will allow users to have 4G hotspot and 720p video resolution, Comcast will provide a faster hotspot if users pay per GB of data. The “By the Gig” data option will continue to provide 4G speeds for all data traffic, but will cost USD 12/GB.

The USD 12/GB data plan could result in a huge bill due to the reason that the service is a plan for users to have a data service when they are not connected to a WIFI.

Internet service providers such as Comcast now have full control over their services to consumers after The Federal Communications Commission repealed net neutrality. The new changes allows ISPs to throttle or block user’s access to internet, which could require additional fees to return back to a previous plan.

Comcast said these new plans will roll out in the next coming weeks.

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