Competition for space innovation heats up between Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) CEO Jeff Bezos is likely to disclose plans today for the future of his space company, Blue Origin. Projected to take tourists into space and the moon, Bezos tweeted the first photos of the main engine of his company’s future rocket on Monday.Over 14,000 aerospace engineers and entrepreneurs are meeting at the Washington, D.C. convention center to speak about our future in space. Industry associates are looking at an intense competition between two billionaires.Blue Origin has effectively launched and landed its rocket, The New Shepard, five times in less than a year.  However, the company now appears to be changing its emphasis to a recognizable target: the moon. Blue Origin is supposedly moving a seven-page white paper to NASA and the Trump administration bordering its plan to advance a new spacecraft to help it form human settlements on the moon. 

Bezos’ objective isn’t just earth’s closest neighbor. He’s also targeting at Elon Musk and rival company SpaceX. To complete its shipments, Blue Origin could use its biggest rocket, The New Glenn, named after John Glenn, the first astronaut to orbit the earth. It will be ready to launch by the end of the decade, qualified of directly competing with SpaceX’s Falcon rockets.SpaceX has already effectively propelled 29 Falcon 9 rockets and also aims for the moon. On a conference call last week, Musk declared plans for two private citizens to ride in a lunar capsule as early as next year. “It would skim the surface of the moon, go quite a bit further out into deep space and then loop back to Earth,” Musk had described. Bezos vision is for millions of people to be living in space.

The two have experienced a friendly competition for years. Those who’ve been tracking their careers closely say their high-stakes competition could lead to high-tech modernization. “What these companies want to do is help create a self-sustaining economy in space,” Davenport said. “And that’s what’s fueling all of this.”During the Obama years, much of the space industry was dedicated on getting to Mars. However, the focus has shifted under President Trump, many are witnessing efforts being re-constructed getting to the moon and staying there for extended operations. Bezos and Musk see moon operations as an extraordinary businessopportunity.

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