Comstock Ups Ante as Democrats Climb

Representative Barbara Comstock is determined to prove her fellow Republicans wrong. Many of them now regard as a has-been when it comes to the November elections. Comstock on the outside faces a tough fight. Her Northern District was easily won by Democrat Governor Ralph Northam and Hillary Clinton. In 2017, Democrats seized control of six Republican state delegate seats present in her district.

Republican candidate fight

For Democrats, they believe Comstock's major dead-weight is President Donald Trump himself. The latter is now extremely unpopular. To counter this, she is regularly interacting with manufacturers to advertise the Republican tax cuts which she voted in. The Republican reminded her voters that her actions helped to increase the military budget, thus helping the Pentagon employees and the defense contractors resident in her district. The place is home to CIA.

Comstock has also authored the legislation to fight the MS-13 gang problem and opioid crisis which are now present in a few Northern Virginian localities. If she finds large potholes on the roads, she herself calls them in. The Republican is also fighting her Democratic opponents by labeling them as opportunists who are out of touch with the problems present in the district. She said that they are too liberal to represent the area. She points out that she is a resident of the district for about 35 years. She worked with every school and every sector. She said that her children were raised there. In contrast, she alleged that most Democrats come to the area for a couple of months at the most. She claimed she was the only candidate who has served the community for more than 30 years.

Democrats confident

Democrats are not worried. They say that it does not matter which candidate gets a June 12 nomination. They predict an anti-Trump wave that will wash the Republicans away from Virginia's 10th district. Comstock, along with her Republican colleagues, will be washed away. To fill the space, a total of six Democrats are vying for their nomination. The favorite is Jennifer Wexton, due to her previous record of serving the Senate twice. Other potential challengers are Lindsey Davis Stover and Alison Friedman. Both have raised substantial sums of money. All these will be spent in boosting name recognition and running multiple television advertisements in Washington DC. The media market is expensive in the nation's capital. Notable other candidates include Dan Helmer, a veteran of the US Army and Paul Pelletier, former federal prosecutor.

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