Concerns Regarding Wearable Medical Devices

Basis Science, the high-end fitness wearable company, has halted sales of its newest device because of concerns about overheating. The company has stopped selling any more devices and requested its users not wear those they own until a software update solving the overheating problem is completed. 
It’s normal to see new wearable devices having problems. Competitors like Fitbit (NASDAQ: FIT) and Jawbone have both had similar flaws in the past. Jawbone shut down unexpectedly and offered refund for return of its original band. Fitbit, on the other hand, offered a voluntary recall on Fitbit Force since skin rashes was a frequent complaint from users.
Aside from wearable devices, there’s another concern about the digital health technology — there is no effective way to enrich the relationship between physicians and patients. The American Medical Association warned the threats of digital health technology, quality and patient safety from apps to electronic health records not allowing physicians to communicate in such a way that will provide patient a proper way to undergo treatment.  
The evolution of the industry is from ineffective electronic health records, to an explosion of direct-to-consumer digital health products, to apps of mixed quality.
The AMA will be advocating its concerns and working closer with industry to test and serve as a clinical trial for companies looking to launch new products for physician use.

Some companies are developing technologies to overcome such issues. Biotricity Inc. (OTCMKTS: BTCY) for example is in the process of developing clinical-grade health management wearable devices.

The company has two devices under development that will launch into the market this year, Bioflux – a heart-rhythm monitoring device that connects to an industry leading ECG (Electrocardiogram) FDA cleared software component and Biolife – designed to provide health and lifestyle solutions by monitoring ECG, respiration rate, calories, temperature, physical activity and more.

Overtime such technology will become more mainstream, and proper treatments will be able to administrated with the doctor and the paitent having a long distance relationship.

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