Congress extends lifeline to May 5th ahead of looming shutdown fears

The fear that the government will have to shut down has been making the news since this last week and for very sound reasons too. The government has been pulling along with the help of short term funding grants for the Congress. However, this will not suffice to see the government put through any big budget moves or to keep things running for long. A big decision is needed to open up long term funding if the government is to keep functioning and the deadline comes on Friday night.

Keeping this in mind, President Trump has been pressuring his team to garner support for the health care repeal move although a fresh bill to replace the existing plans is not yet available. The Democrats are equally strong in their stance that they will not let any repeal go through. This has been the face off that has the potential to derail the government quite completely. However, the Congress has now given the government a lifeline of sorts until May 5th by introducing a bill to keep things running and to give the lawmakers more time to has their differences out and get things to a more financially sustainable position.  Voting on this may take place today.

Bills to make long term functioning possible not likely this week

This stop gap bill was introduced after it became abundantly clear that there was really no option left open for the House. There was no indication that Congress could clear a bill that would allow the government to have funds to spend until the end of September. It is being termed as the Continuing Resolution very aptly and its main aim is to keep the government functioning until a formal funding legislation is in place.

Impact of a government shut down

The government shut down has been making news for quite a while now and everyone seems to be afraid that it would actually happen. However, not many Americans are fully aware of what exactly a shut-down entails and why it should matter to them. The fact is that government shut down also means that federal employees would be furloughed for an indefinite time and this affects thousands of Americans. In financial terms, the impact of a shutdown will also be seen in delays in sending out tax refunds.

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