Congress Reschedules Shutdown Vote

A bipartisan proposal for reopening the government could not be reached by leaders in the Senate. A majority of national parks and other federal offices will be closed for the time being. They will open only after the government funding stalemate gets solved. This shutdown has negatively affected 850,000 federal workers, with most of them on furlough. Work is being done by a few essential workers. Normal operations have been switched off.


The shutdown is being termed as “Schumer Shutdown” or “Trump Shutdown” depending on the political affiliation of the person who voices it. The Democrat Schumer laid the blame squarely on the Republicans, highlighting the fact that President Trump had backtracked on a possible solution. According to Schumer, to ease the stalemate, he had even consented to accede to the President's request to release the funds necessary for constructing border walls, amounting to $20 billion over a period of many years. This step has alarmed a number of Democrats themselves.

It is anticipated that discussions will again start from January 29. A Senate has already been duly scheduled for 12 pm Eastern Time. This setback happened even after Capitol Hill witnessed sharp negotiations. Both Republican and Democrat leaders are now desperately searching for a solution. The moderates in the White House signaled that the latter may show flexibility on the “Dreamers” issue. There were hopes for a solution after Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader, and Schumer conferred for a few moments on the Senate floor. The two met on January 21 to consider a particular proposal for a three-week long temporary funding bill which will be brokered by a senators' bipartisan group.

Trump disruption

The White House has disputed Schumer's version of events. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Press Secretary, has termed the Democrats' version a hazy one. She said that what he said was a lie. She claimed that President Trump's position is the same as has always been. The Trump administration will not negotiate on the status of numerous unlawful immigrants while the Democrats hold US troops and the US Government hostage.

President Trump himself is inconvenienced by the present standoff. He was forced to quit his Mar-a-Lago Florida resort the third week of January and hold discussions with the heads of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security to understand the shutdown impact. He, as usual, blamed Democrats for this impasse. The President urged Senate Republicans to tweak the rules so that a simple majority can pass the bill.

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