Congressional Committee says Trump’s Wire-Tapping Allegations not Verifiable


Coming on the heels of a Hawaiian federal judge’s halting of the new and revised travel ban proposed by President Donald Trump, the Congressional committee’s statement that Trump’s wire-tapping allegations against Obama are not verifiable make this a bad week for the president. Readers will recall that the President put out a tweet a while back stating that his communications had been ‘tapped’ at the Trump Tower while he was campaigning and that this had been done on the orders of the then President Obama. As expected, the Twitterati were quick to criticize the Trump tendency to Tweet first and think later, particularly because there was absolutely no mention of any hard facts or evidence to back up the accusation. Given that a former President was being accused of something this serious, the least that could be expected was a solid proof of the act.

Committee says it does not believe wire-tapping happened

The Congressional Committee was asked to look into the claim after Trump tweeted his allegations earlier this month. The Department of Justice was brought into the investigation and asked to provide evidence that could support the accusation. Even as recently as this week, the White House maintained that the President’s accusation could be proved and Trump himself was ‘confident’ of his statement being proven right.

However, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Mr, Devin Nunes, a Republican himself, has now stated that he does not believe there is any ground to prove that the accusation was correct. He has said that he does not believe the Trump Tower phones had been tapped. Further, he has said that the ‘evidence remains the same’ and that they do not have any evidence that the tapping did happen. This indicates that the president’s tweets were put out without any evidence to support them, a rather shocking revelation indeed, considering the stature of the person who has been accused.

Meanwhile, Sean Spicer, the president’s spokesman has been facing a challenging time fielding questions about the issue. Earlier in the week, he appeared to be trying to retract the Tweet by stating that Trump was referring to a broad range of surveillance methods used during campaigning and not literally a wire-tap by the previous President Obama. Later, when asked about the evidence and its availability, he stated that he was ‘confident’ that it would be made available.

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