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Conor McGregor Ignites flame in fans at MSG

Ultimate fighting/mixed martial arts returned to New York on Saturday after a state ban of almost two decades. Over 20,000 fans went to Madison Square Garden to watch Conor McGregor fight Eddie Alvarez. McGregor emerged victorious as he knocked Alvarez out in the second round.

McGregor is the first fighter to hold two UFC titles at the same time, the featherweight title and the lightweight title that was won on Saturday. The long-term ban on the sport had brought tons of fans out to Madison Square Garden on Saturday. TicketIQ even reported that some tickets to the fight sold for over $18,000. In a press conference on Saturday, UFC President Dana White had stated that the fight set a new record at Madison Square Garden for bringing in $17.7 million dollars.

MMA fighting was banned in New York until new legislation in March was passed that legalized the sport. Previously, McGregor had an interview with CNBC earlier this year, mentioning his interest in investing. After Saturday’s fight McGregor announced that he wanted his own stake in the UFC organization.